Marine robotics

I am interested also in marine robotics and in non-conventional sensors for these platforms, such as artificial whiskers.

A Customisable Underwater Drone

I co-developed an underwater drone with 3D-printable parts and customisable thrusters and ballast configurations. A paper describing it can be found here.


Download the 3D Models

3D printable models are freely available in GitHub.


2017.08.10 – Dive near Wolfsburg, Germany

2017.08.16 – First Dive into the Mediterranean Sea at Mondello Bay, Sicily.


Observing fresh water life during a dive in Köpenick, Berlin:

A Marine Drone

I am co-developing a marine drone with 3D printed and CNC processed parts, designed by

The robot is equipped with artificial whiskers

A video of a first prototype. Test made in San Nicola harbour, Sicily.